Design Management

Transparent design management

Image: Design Management

Designs and drawings form the basis for all works on a building project. Flawless design cycles and consistent transparency are of major importance when it comes to editing and exchanging designs, especially in the face of growing complexity and time and cost pressures. The module Design Management on the web-based Conclude Platform offers precisely the safety and transparency you need. And much more: it supports the entire process – from the list of due designs to the paper copy used at the construction site. The complete design cycle documentation allows you to retrace everything, also in reporting.

The list of due designs allows you to monitor whether designs are delivered and approved in a timely manner. All team members can view the current review status at any time, simply comment on designs without additional software, and see the design and version status both in the internet and on the paper copy.

QR code on printed drawing


Is the design used at the construction site still up to date? Simply scan the QR code and the smartphone or tablet computer will immediately confirm whether the drawing corresponds to the latest version saved in Design Management.

Stamp of approval on the drawing

Is the design used at the construction site released?
An indelible release note and the date are printed on the drawing. Thus, it is clearly visible that the design really is “released for construction” and – combined with the QR code – is up to date.

Electronic stamps of approval on the drawings

Cannot be deleted and reveal who released the design in the electronic review process and when

Design status at a glance
The convenient traffic light function on the designs indicates the approval status

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