Get to know the new Conclude Platform

More integrated and a better user experience: PKM, Contrace, Contems, Control and Conobjects will be transformed into the new Conclude Platform, which will be gradually introduced over the next months.

100% web-based – 100% SaaS – no invest
Operation, service and support – Made in Germany
Multi-user & multi-project support
Integrated, modular platform solution

Our unique, modular platform solution offers all the flexibility and freedom required for an efficient and transparent construction management. You simply select the modules you need and thus have a solution that is perfectly adapted to your demands. By the way, all modules are seamlessly integrated. And the best part of our solution: thanks to the Software as a Service (SaaS) methodology there are no acquisition costs for hardware or additional software licences.

All modules at a glance

Our procedure: Step-by-step

The PKM you have been working with in the past will be disaggregated into the new modules Dashboard, Documents, Messages, Tasks and Design Management. The integrity of the new modules will of course not get lost. In the first step, the login and project selection page will accommodate the new design. Afterwards the former PKM categories Dashboard, Documents and Messages will be released as the basic framework for all modules. Modules like BIM, Defects and Warranty Management will then also make use of the benefits in this framework instead of the PKM desktop, which will become obsolete.

Projects which currently use tasks and workflows within PKM will benefit significantly from the new platform once the new modules Tasks and Design Management are in place. The revision of the module Calendar will be up next. The modules Cost Control, Reports and Report Management will be the last in line for the redesign.

Even if it looks different; it won't be an alien to you

We will do as much as we can to make this transition seamless and easy for you. You will notice that we've changed the look and feel, but rather enhanced than changed functionality within the new platform. Furthermore the transition will happen gradually in order to comfy the users with the new experience.

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