Prompt and sound reports

Image: Reports

Reporting systematises the regular communication within a building project and thus is an essential part of the project management. The module Reports provides you with a tool that supports an efficient and prompt reporting across many projects. The solution is characterised by maximum flexibility as it allows you to freely define topics and data fields, individually configure templates, and store HTML and PDF files in any desired location. Additionally, several data sources (e.g. SAP) can be smoothly tapped for compiling reports.

Useful cross-linking

The cross-linked modules on the Conclude Platform substantially simplify the creation of project reports. You also use Conclude’s Cost Control ? DThen cost information can be automatically transferred from there. The same applies, for example, to defects and process parameters from the module Defects.

Easy distribution of reports

Generate reports

As soon as a project report is approved by the controller or project manager, Reports generates an HTML web page and a corresponding PDF file for every project. The HTML web page can be incorporated into the builder’s intranet and the classical PDF report can be distributed by e-mail or via the Messages module.

Assignment of roles

To facilitate report generation, the different roles in an enterprise are supported: assistants with limited access rights can maintain the master data of one or several projects; project managers manage the project status and are responsible for the publication of the report; superiors can retrieve the reports, for example, via the internet.

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