Software as a Service

The Conclude Platform

Our solution – both the Conclude Platform and the individually distributed modules – are operated as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means the complete offering, from the 24/7 operation of the software to the comprehensive support, is rendered as service.

All modules at a glance

What does this mean for you?

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You will incur no costs for hardware or software licences and you will not need to install any software locally. You simply use the Conclude Platform via your web browser and only pay a rent for the duration of the project. This rent depends on the number of registered users and the modules used. Certain modules come with an additional App, which you can conveniently and easily use on your tablet.

As a matter of course, there are no hidden extra costs for memory requirements, traffic, support or changes to the configuration. On the contrary: the monthly rent includes the comprehensive services of our ServicePoint that provides all Conclude Platform users with in-depth advice and support via phone or e-mail, as our specialists are directly involved in your project, its concept and its development. Additionally, the ServicePoint implements all configuration tasks free of charge during the entire project period, for example, creating new user accounts including notification, creating new workflows/design cycles, changing/extending filename conventions or the archive structure. In other words: you manage your projects, we manage your data.

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